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Having weekends in Saigon was sweltering but could not go far. There are days of boredom in the city that just want to flee to another heaven, but they get stuck with the hard work. In those days, have you ever thought about enjoying Saigon on weekends in your own way? A small street corner, a cafe with a few friends, your weekend appointment will become even more adorable.

Saigon has a lot of lovely cafes so you can freely choose a date with friends and loved ones. Each cafe has its own style depending on the decoration of the owner. There are vintage style shops like Cong, My house, Cúcuta, Cake & Ale, Ut ben, cafe 81, ... suitable for Mori girls, artists, ... to enjoy Private space is nostalgic and there are moments of "deep" in your substance.

And probably many of you already know "Café cafe" on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street - an apartment with a combination of different cafes makes it easy for you to choose a place where you don't have to go far. Here comes Saigon, Partea, Delight kafe and tea, Buihaus cafe, Slow & Chill, ... depending on your personal preference you can choose your favorite shop when entering the "miracle" apartment. this!


If living in urban districts like District 1, Binh Thanh District, District 7, Phu Nhuan District, Tan Binh District, ... have you ever walked around District 1 to "hunt" Saigon photos? Notre Dame Cathedral, city post office, Independence Palace, parks, City Museum, ancient apartments, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, ... all these locations seem to be very familiar. but but who once went around looking for potential Saigon beauty in such places?

Sitting at the green parks that break old leaves and sipping a cup of coffee with friends, the group is a pleasure that you should not miss in the city center. In such successful minutes, you will see how beautiful this place is. There are times when life here is not comfortable at all, but how do you know it? You love life more.

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